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Allyse De Leon is a high powered executive at the top of her game,

until one day, her hectic life catches up with her. She grudgingly agrees to get some medically ordered rest and relaxation. Leaving behind the comfort of glass, steel and concrete, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere, thrown together with a most unusual hostess—a woman who has her own way of doing things and has no respect for Allyse’s position.

Dani Saxon is used to being alone. Life’s lessons has taught her that it’s less complicated and a lot less painful that way. She loves her horses and her farm and making her own schedule. She doesn’t like getting up early and she sure doesn’t worry about deadlines or dealing with people unless she wants to.

When Allyse meets Dani, she’s intrigued with the quirky cowgirl. An attraction that flip-flops between frustration and desire. The woman is emotionally hard to peg and even more difficult to deal with at times. Dani isn’t the type of woman you can easily put in a box and label no matter how hard you try. She doesn’t understand why this woman is so important to her, but she’s willing to see where it all might go. There’s one problem. She only has thirty days. After that, Allyse has to go back to New York.

Will that be enough time to determine if Dani is “the one” or will Allyse leave her behind and go on with her life?

A lesbian romance you won't soon forget and will want to read over and over again.





This romantic novella is book one of Chase and Rowan's adventures.

Rowan St. John is on her way back home with an empty horse trailer and down a driver.

Chase Meadows had it all, until she came home one day to find her lover in bed with another woman. Now she’s left with nothing but her truck, her horse and a definite need to find a new start. California was about as far away from North Carolina and the past as she could go. All she had to do was get there with her pregnant mare, Smoothy—the only thing she had left in her name that she would never give up.

When Rowan St. John responds to her ad for a last minute horse transport, she thought she had finally gotten a break. A deal is struck that benefits both women, more than they ever expected.




This romantic novella is book two of Chase and Rowan's adventures and the sequel to Life is Not a Country Song.

Chase and Rowan are given some time to learn more about each other when the last leg of their trip is delayed.

Rowan sees it as a way to show Chase everything the Southwest has to offer, including her, while Chase is more worried about earning her keep and making sure one special little colt is strong enough to travel. Trust and understanding are tested, and some internal demons are laid to rest against the backdrop of sun-kissed mesas and tall pines.

Both spiritual and sensual, the ladies discover that some journeys aren't measured by how many miles you travel, but by how far you are willing to take your heart.





This lesbian romance is the third in the popular Chase and Rowan Series.

After a few detours along the way, Chase and Rowan have finally made it to California and are settling into their lives at the Flying S ranch.

An urgent call sends them back on the road again when wildfires get close enough to threaten an old college friend’s farm. Without a second thought, Rowan agrees to help evacuate her friend’s horses, and from there on nothing goes as planned. Rowan and Chase find themselves in a volatile situation that places them both in danger.

The destructive force of both man and nature can be terrifying. Will Chase and Rowan find each other and find a way out of a suddenly treacherous landscape?





Chase and Rowan have been through a lot together but this Christmas will be their first. Plans change and Chase is still learning a lot about family, but when it comes to Rowan, she has a steep learning curve. This romantic novelette is exactly what it says, all you have to do is read till the end to find out if it's a yes or no. Of course, getting there is the best part of the story.





Dr.Stacie Phillips’ comfortable, pragmatic life is about to be turned upside down. Dr. Phillips is a young Veterinarian caught up in her carefully constructed life, trying to protect her family, her new career, and most of all-her heart. Her best friend, Josie, only wants what is best for her, and if that means meddling in affairs of the heart she will do it. Josie has her own reasons for wanting Stacie to be happy, and the last thing she wants is Stacie putting off her life to help Josie deal with hers. Stacie meets Maria, a free-spirited herbalist from Arizona, when her goddaughter Rowan literally runs into her at a farmer's market. Unfortunately...or fortunately for her, Rowan's mother, Josie finds out about the chance encounter and things start to spiral out of Stacie's control. If you've ever tried to wear tie-dye and flannel at the same time, or you're a flannel who's ever fallen for a tie dye sort of gal, this is the one for you to read. This stand-alone novella is set in the same world as the popular Chase and Rowan series, only this time we're flashing back to the 1980's.





Micah Connolly had spent most of her life trying to please others, starting with her family, and ending with Olivia Holden. When she found out that her beloved grandmother had passed away, she was bereft and sought solace with the only person she thought might offer her comfort. Olivia Holden was full of mixed messages, none of them clear, but most of them leaning towards a keen interest in Micah. Their first kiss was a disaster. Overwrought with emotion, she had meant to tell Olivia she had to go home and get her grandmother’s affairs in order, but instead, the night ended in a volatile exchange of words that sent Micah running.


Well over a year had passed since that fateful night, and Olivia still regretted her strict adherence to a set of rules that made her lose the one woman she felt she could love. Chance and fate changes everything when she recognizes Micah weaving her bike wildly through the busy streets of New York.


When Micah and Olivia finally meet again, it isn’t your standard happy reunion. Micah had changed, a lot. She was now darker, edgier, and carried a secret blacker than the leathers she prefers to wear. This new Micah also wasn’t the sort who would accept Olivia taking charge of their budding relationship. Micah had come to terms with a part of herself she had kept hidden, including some things that she wasn’t so sure the high-powered attorney would be game for.


A subtle and erotic game of power play ensues, one that both surprises and delights Micah, but also leaves her with a difficult choice. The past still haunts her, a past requiring an explanation that could tear down all of her carefully constructed walls. Every risk has its own rewards, but what Micah is risking could destroy her.





There is a saying among the old ones, “If you dream of a mare, a MacLeod is sure to be near.”

Rohanna MacLeod grew up listening to her grandmother’s stories of the old world, of Fae and Myth and Magic. Nothing like the mundane world she lives in, or so she thinks. Swirling in the mists beneath her ordinary world lies a prophecy that has shaped her entire life and caused her nothing but loss and pain— until a chance offer and a plain business card sends her to Alexandria Strider, the Ladysmith.

Rohanna is a challenge and a mystery to Alexandria, one she cannot resist. Caught between new bonds and old oaths, Alex must choose her role in a destiny that threatens to change who she is and what they have together.

Sometimes stories are more than myth and legend. What has been forgotten can be found again, and nightmares can come alive in your dreams.





During the Civil War, hundreds of women cut their hair and donned the uniform of the common soldier on both sides. History tells us they did it to follow their husbands and brothers to war, rather than stay behind to uncertain destiny. A few, though, found their freedom beneath the heavy wool uniform and shorn hair. These are the few that are not spoken of, the ones who desired no husband and found liberation behind the blue or gray.

Meet JC. Resigned to a solitary life, an unexpected gift changes everything for this Union soldier.

This short story is a historical lesbian erotic romance.





Enter Micah and Olivia's world from Switching Gears and enjoy a tale of a night out on the town that was so deliciously naughty it was too hot to keep hidden away. Join Micah as she takes a walk through her past, leathers and all, for a night she soon won't forget.

What can we say? Some fantasies can't be put to sleep until they are put to bed.

This short story is lesbian erotica, based on the characters of our Erotic Romance, Switching Gears.





Would you dare love a Goddess?

The Potter's Wheel is a lesbian erotic romance. A short tale of epic love, both lost and found, and the undeniable passion between two unique and otherworldly women.






Best Selling Author of Lesbian Fiction, Romance, Erotica and Fantasy




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Yes!!! There's Zombies at the Con! and only a small team of wannabe Zombie Hunters know what to do.








Rhavensfyre is the pen name of Award winning east coast writer, KL.. KL and her wife, Roxy, have been partners since 2000, they were legally married in Washington, D.C. in 2012. They have a small farm where they raise and breed horses with their two dogs and several cats in tow. In their spare time, they try to keep an organic garden and enjoy the fact that their farm is also home to several owls, a pair of hawks, and one annoying woodpecker. In addition to the living creatures, KL and Roxanne enjoy cycling various East Coast trails as well as exploring the countryside. Both ladies enjoy photography, art and music.


With each novel, we strive to intoduce a new set of characters that we hope will bring you as much joy and laughter as they did us writing them.. Whether we write a dark and brooding character like Micah from Switching Gears, or a fun and quirky character like Dani from Rest and Relaxation, you will always be assured that we strive to write real characters with real life problems, trials, and successes. Whether we are addressing physical or mental disabilities, difficult pasts, abuse, discrimination, etc. we will always treat these common threads with respect and due diligence. Underlying all these concepts we will weave hope, triumph, love and passion…all of those things that we deserve to have in life.


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